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Jan 06, 2022

New Year, New Tradewing Features

Start the new year off right with these amazing new updates to Tradewing. Learn about improvements to analytics, notifications, SSO, invites, and more.

The Tradewing product grew a lot in 2021.

We introduced an array of amazing new features like Virtual Conferences, video on-demand, an invitation and onboarding experience, and @-mentions (to name only a few). We also completely redesigned existing experiences like the events page, the post creation experience, the member directory, and profile pages.

Finally, we capped off the year with the release of the Tradewing Community Sponsor Experience, a set of features that will provide associations and their sponsors with a new, modern toolkit for deepening connections with members.

Tradewing’s resolution for 2022 is to help associations drive member engagement even more effectively than in 2021, and that starts with today’s exciting announcement of 3 new features and 3 improvements to existing features.


Analytics for Association Admins

Our most requested Admin Site feature is here! With the new Analytics page, you can stay on top of community engagement with ease. You can also seamlessly identify potential community champions or groups that are in need of new content.

Tradewing Analytics

Tradewing's new and improved analytics experience


Notification Center

With today’s release, when a user comes back to Tradewing they can quickly catch up on conversations they’re a part of. No more scrolling through the feed to find an old post with an active conversation.

Tradewing Notifications

Now it's even easier for members to stay on top of what's new in their industry


Moderation Request Email for Admins

Previously, association admins needed to check the moderation page in the Admin Site regularly to find out if there were any posts to be approved or rejected. Now, admins will receive an email whenever a post is reported. No more worrying whether you’re missing something.

Tradewing Moderation Request

Enjoy a better admin experience in 2022


Dial-in Information in Calendar Invites

Adding a Tradewing virtual event to your Outlook or Google calendar is useful. The calendar event including dial-in information in case the attendee has spotty Wi-Fi is even more useful.

Tradewing Calendar Invite Information

Dial-in information is now included with calendar invites


A Clearer Login Experience for SSO-Enabled Customers

If your community relies on members logging in through your AMS’s portal, then this feature update is for you. Previously, we had received feedback that members sometimes got confused when trying to log in, accidentally trying to login to Tradewing instead of their AMS.

Tradewing SSO Experience

A streamlined SSO experience


Invite Email Improvements

We have listened to your feedback regarding community invitation emails. They are now completely focused on the message you, as the association, want to send to your members.

Tradewing Invite Email

More control over how you bring members onboard



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