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Growing Your Tradewing Community Has Never Been Easier

We have heard your feedback, and we want to make uploading, inviting, and onboarding your members to Tradewing easier ...

We have heard your feedback, and we want to make uploading, inviting, and onboarding your members to Tradewing easier than ever before.

Today, we're excited to share with you a set of recent changes designed to do exactly that.

With the latest features, you'll see a brand-new user table in the Tradewing Admin Site. This new table will allow you to page through a list of individuals, filter down to certain sets of users by member status and account status, and, most importantly, bulk-invite these users to Tradewing.

You can do this regardless of whether your members are expected to authenticate via Single Sign On or through Tradewing directly. It just works.

Tradewing Admin Member Directory

Tradewing's new user table for community admins


When you decide to invite a group of users, you'll be able to customize the message they see in the invitation email. You'll also be able to send yourself a test email to double-check that the email is appearing exactly as you expect.

Member Onboarding Email Customization

You now have more control over a member's experience when onboarding


If a user doesn't activate their account within two days of receiving the first invite email, Tradewing sends them an email reminder, enticing them with groups in the community they could join. After that, we begin sending users their weekly digest emails.

Throughout this entire process, you, as the admin, are in control of who gets an invite and who will begin receiving weekly digest emails.

Tradewing Activation Email OneTradewing Activation Email Two

Did a member miss an email? No worries! We make it easy to remind them


When users click the invite email, they'll be presented with a seamless onboarding experience. You can try this experience yourself by navigating to:


Tradewing Onboarding Experience

A guided onboarding experience means members are ready to use the platform immediately


The new onboarding experience encourages users to join groups and follow tags, actions that will make them more engaged members of the community.


A few other enhancements to make your life easier as a Tradewing admin

For admins that rely on uploading a CSV file of users to the platform, we've made the experience much smoother. Now, after uploading, you'll receive an email notifying you of the results of the upload. If there were any errors in the file, we'll send you an error file to download so you can understand what went wrong with each specific row in the file.

Tradewing Bulk Member Imports

Bulk importing members has never been more streamlined


Lastly, invitation emails can sometimes get caught in spam filters. This can be even more difficult when one of your members works at a company with very stringent email restrictions. To handle this, we've added a new capability for admins on Tradewing, whereby you can generate an account invite link for a specific user and share that link directly with them.

Tradewing Member Invitation Link

You now have more ways than ever before to invite new members to your community


We hope you are as excited about these updates as we are! If you have any questions, please contact Tradewing Support.

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