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Start June with New Tradewing Features

We have been busy building tons of new features and functionality in Tradewing, and we're incredibly excited to share ...

We have been busy building tons of new features and functionality in Tradewing, and we're incredibly excited to share them with you all today!

Some of these may look familiar, as they began appearing in the product in May, while others are brand new today. Let's get to it!


Simple Events and Conferences: Not so different after all

Tradewing Event Launcher

We've made the launch of your next event easier than ever before


We introduced Conferences back in March, and we've been thrilled by the response. But we also understood that things weren't as simple (ahem) as they could be. Admins were required to learn two ways to organize Tradewing events: One for Conferences and another for Simple Events.

With today's update, this is no longer the case. Creating a Simple Event is as easy as creating a Conference session, and you'll notice that these experiences now look extremely similar. Auto-record, a capability previously only available for Simple Events, is now supported for Conference sessions.

Both event types also support adding an individual registrant, making last-minute CSV uploads—for customers handling event registration outside of Tradewing—a relic of the past.

All Tradewing events now feature an "Add to calendar" button, by which your users can easily download an event file that can be added to Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar, and more.

Last—but certainly not least—recorded events on Tradewing previously had a limit of 8 participants. Today, we're happy to announce an increased limit of 15 participants for recorded Simple Events and Conference sessions.


Spring cleaning: Out with the old, in with the new

Tradewing Events Dashboard

All of your events, now in one convenient place


Yes, a brand new Events page! Conferences and Simple Events in one list, so your members don't need to click through different tabs of events to find the one they're looking for.

We also added a "My Events" module on the right side of the screen so everyone can easily find the events they've already registered for. And the Drafts tab? That's for you, the admins. We want to make sure they never lose track of unpublished events ever again.

But that's not all we changed. In case you missed it, the top of your Home page got a new look a couple weeks ago too.

New Tradewing Home Page

A fresh new look for your Home page


Virtual events on Tradewing just became easier—for everyone

Tradewing Presenter Controls

It has never been easier to deliver a perfect meeting experience 


That person who is causing a lot of background noise on the call? And that person who is trying to speak while muted? Yeah, we know about them, and today Tradewing is rolling out a few new features to help handle those situations better than before.

Now admins and speakers can stop someone else on the call from participating, turning off their camera and speaker and relegating them to an attendee. And don't worry, they can still hear everyone else on the call.

In addition, there now exists a visual indication of whether other participants are muted or not. Get ready to say, Hey James, I think you're muted.


One less thing to worry about when it comes to Conferences

New this month, Conference attendees will receive an email confirming their registration, an email reminder the day before the event, and an event summary email afterwards, including links to any recordings you've published!

Tradewing Event Emails

When it comes to conference follow up, we've got you covered


We hope you're as excited as we are about these updates! If you have questions, please contact your customer success representative or email support@tradewing.com today.

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