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Introducing Virtual Events 2.0

At Tradewing, we are committed to providing you with the tools and support you need to reward and engage your members.

At Tradewing, we are committed to providing you with the tools and support you need to reward and engage your members.

We understand that virtual events have become a critical bridge between you, your members, and non-members alike. That's why we are excited to announce some big improvements coming to events on the Tradewing platform.

Improved event video quality & performance

We hear you loud and clear. When it comes to virtual events, nothing is more important than video quality. Starting March 11th, you will notice substantial performance improvements when conferencing on Tradewing. We've also significantly raised the limits on participants and attendees for your events.

Video Conference Experience with Tradewing

Make Tradewing the premier place for your members to meet and collaborate


Virtual conferences

Currently, Tradewing supports what we call Simple Events, and you may already be using these for virtual meetings with your members. Nothing is changing with how you use Simple Events today, other than the improved video quality and increased limits on participants and attendees. But coming next week, Tradewing will also support a second event type: Conferences.

Conferences allow you to deliver multiple sessions, a dedicated expo hall for sponsors, and even a "main stage," enabling a keynote speaker to broadcast their speech to thousands of attendees.

Why do we think you'll be excited about this new feature?

  1. Streamlined Event Experience: Conferences allow you to easily create multiple different sessions, control access to some or all sessions based on ticket type, and receive attendance reports for each session.

  2. More Benefits for Sponsors: We know you value your sponsors and the support they provide your organization. Tradewing Conferences allow you to showcase different tiers of sponsors, add multiple session-specific sponsors, and have a dedicated virtual expo hall so you can continue to deliver demonstrable value to your partners.

  3. Historical Record for Attendees: Conferences can be recorded and made available directly on the Tradewing platform. This allows members who couldn't attend live as well as those that are interested in re-watching sessions to refer to them at a later date.

Conferences Interface with Tradewing

The attendee experience using Tradewing's Conferences


We hope you're as excited as we are about these changes! If you have an upcoming conference and are interested in accessing conferences right away, please contact your customer success representative or email support@tradewing.com today.


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