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What’s New: On-Demand Video, Community Updates, and More

We hope you all have been enjoying the latest Virtual Events 2.0 functionality, announced in early March. But we are ...

We hope you all have been enjoying the latest Virtual Events 2.0 functionality, announced in early March. But we are back to tell you that there are even more awesome new features available today! We hope that these will enhance your virtual events and community experiences for both you and your members.

On-demand recordings from conferences

As an admin, you can now easily manage virtual event recordings inside the Tradewing platform. You can view, download, and replace recordings with an edited version. Once you're ready, publish the recording to make it available for your members to view on-demand.

Tradewing Event Recording Index

Now it's easy for members to catch up when they can't be there live

If you decide to leave registration open long after the conference has ended, this could be a great opportunity to generate additional revenue for your association.

Pre-recorded videos for conference sessions

We realize that not every conference session needs to be live. Some speakers would prefer practicing and recording their presentation on their own time. With the latest update, you can upload a pre-recorded video and make it available to attendees at the start time of a session.

Tradewing Publish Pre-Recorded Video

Give your speakers more ways to share their ideas


A more seamless way to join events

We have heard the feedback; the "Start Participating" button may be confusing for some attendees and speakers. We've improved this flow to make it clearer across both Simple Events and Conferences.

Tradewing Join Conference Screen

An even more streamlined experience when joining events


Mobile browser support for conferences

You can now easily join Tradewing conferences from your phone. It's as simple as opening Safari for iOS or Chrome for Android, navigating to your Tradewing site, and logging in.

Conference - Sessions - Mobile

Join from any mobile device from anywhere


Renaming and deleting tags

You can now rename or delete a tag in the community from the admin site!

Tradewing Tag Editing

We've made it even easier to stay organized

If you have other questions, please contact your customer success representative or email support@tradewing.com today.

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