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Summer Keeps Rolling, and So Do Tradewing Product Improvements

We're excited today to announce several improvements to virtual events on Tradewing along with a highly-requested ...

We're excited today to announce several improvements to virtual events on Tradewing along with a highly-requested improvement within the community. Let's start with updates to virtual events:


Virtual Event Improvements

Admin & speakers can mute other participants

Previously, we allowed admins and speakers to force an event attendee to stop participating, relegating them to a listener. Today, we also support their ability to mute another participant on the call. Not sure who the offender is for the unwanted noise in an event? We added an audio level indicator for each participant as well. No more guessing required.

To mute or stop someone from participating, simply click the ellipsis menu in the top right of their video square in a Tradewing event.


Recordings and pre-recorded videos for Simple Events

Our customers love that they can continue monetizing conferences with recorded content long after the event is over, and we make the process for doing so incredibly seamless with the ability to download, upload, and publish videos all in Tradewing.

Today we're bringing the same functionality to simple events, too. Now you'll be able to review recordings and publish them from the Tradewing admin site.

View and Manage Tradewing Recordings

It's now easier than ever to post and view past recordings


In addition, admins can now upload a pre-recorded video for a simple event, as an alternative to a live event. You can set the time you'd like the video to be made available to your members.


The "Happening Now" module on conference reception pages

Based on feedback regarding conference navigation, we added the new "Happening Now" module so attendees can quickly and confidently jump right into live sessions. The results so far have been outstanding; in an early release of the feature, we saw more than half of attendees click on the module to join a session.

Tradewing Happening Now Page

Smoother navigation for your event attendees


Confirmation, reminder, and event summary emails for Simple Events

Up until now, we have supported emails to conference attendees so that they don't miss an event (or its recordings). With the latest release, we offer the same capability to simple event attendees, too.

And, last but not least, thanks to your feedback:


Community Improvements

Creating a post on Tradewing has never been easier

Thanks to your feedback around post creation, we've been able to make some serious updates to how you write messages, ask questions, create polls, and author articles in the online community.

Tradewing Post Creation

Give your members more tools to learn and share ideas


If you have any questions about the latest features, don't hesitate to reach out to your customer success manager or to contact support@tradewing.com.

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