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A New Home, Fullscreen Event Chat, and More New Tradewing Features

Over the past two months, our product team at Tradewing has been focused on creating a more engaging member platform. ...

Over the past two months, our product team at Tradewing has been focused on creating a more engaging member platform. We want to make it easier than ever before to participate in the community and in virtual events.

This week’s release is a massive step forward in achieving that goal.


Introducing the All New Home

New Tradewing Homepage ExperienceA new home experience for your member community


The new Home aims to help your members discover the value of Tradewing more seamlessly than ever before. We made 5 key changes to accomplish this:


1. A Cleaner & Easier Posting & Commenting Experience

With this release, posts are redesigned to be cleaner and easier to interact with so members spend less time scrolling and scanning text on the page. We’ve also made it easier to find all the related answers to a question.

Tradewing Posting Experience

Improvements to how members post


Tradewing Commenting ExperienceEnhanced commenting options


2. Events on Home: Happening Now & Upcoming Events

Virtual events are an important part of Tradewing, but discovering new events and finding live events was more difficult than necessary. With the new Home, events that are upcoming and Happening Now are right there when you need them.

Tradewing Event Highlights

An easier way to find live events


Tradewing Featured EventsA simple way to keep members aware of upcoming events


3. Smarter Announcements

Announcements allow admins to amplify specific messages to their members, and that hasn’t changed. In fact, we’ve made it easier for your members to notice when there’s something new, with a red dot indicating a new announcement.

After they’ve viewed the announcement, we collapse the announcements module until another announcement is post. This ensures your members see fresh content and aren’t always bombarded with a message they’ve already seen before.

Improved Tradewing AnnouncementsWe've made it a breeze when it comes to getting the word out


4. Featured Sponsors & Recently Added Sponsors

All sponsors who add a photo and an About Us section, regardless of enrollment in the Tradewing Sponsor Program and community sponsorship tier, appear in the Recently Added Sponsors card in the feed for 30 days.

For associations enrolled in the Tradewing Sponsor Program, Premium sponsors will appear in the top right corner of the page, highlighting the sponsor’s support for the community.

In both places, we make it easy for your members to follow the sponsor page or click through to visit the page for more information.

Tradewing Recently Added Sponsors

Increase exposure for your new sponsors


Tradewing Featured SponsorMore ways to celebrate your most important partners


5. Better Support for Images on Posts & Comments

Tradewing now supports photo galleries for posts and comments with multiple photos. No downloading required!

New Tradewing Image SupportA new and exciting visual experience for your members


Access the Chat & Attendees List While in Fullscreen

Coming this week, event attendees will now be able to view the chat, a list of attendees, and, if enabled, the sponsor tab without leaving fullscreen mode for Tradewing virtual events.

When a new message is sent in the chat, Tradewing shows a red dot to indicate to the attendee that they can open the chat for a new message.

Tradewing New Presenter ExperienceMore visibility during events


Tradewing Presenter Chat AccessCreate meaningful engagement with your attendees


Digest Email Enhancements

In January, we redesigned digest emails, and we’re back this month to tell you we’ve made them even better! We’ve added richer support for images and attachments on posts, along with Upcoming Events and Featured Sponsor cards.

Enhanced Tradewing Digest EmailsInteractive digest emails


Admin Impersonation

Admins can now impersonate users to see what they see and help investigate any permission issues the user might be having. No more asking, “What can my member see right now?”

Simply click “Impersonate” at the top of their individual page in the Admin Site. Once you start impersonating someone, you’ll notice a helpful banner at the top of the page to indicate who you’re impersonating and how to stop.

Tradewing Admin Impersonation Abilities

New admin capabilities


Tradewing Admin Impersonation ExperienceAdmin impersonation experience


RSVP to Open Events

Users can mark themselves as Going, Maybe, or Not Going to give event organizers a better idea of what to expect. Users who RSVP Going or Maybe will receive a reminder email the day before the event. Admins can check the list of RSVPs in the Admin Site by visiting the event.

Tradewing Event RSVPMembers can now communicate their attendance plans


Tradewing Event RSVP ListStay on top of who's attending your next event


Promote Sponsored Webinars with Ease

For associations enrolled in the Tradewing Sponsor Program, all sponsored events created by Pro and Premium tier sponsors will automatically send a promotional email to members 14 days before the event, calling members to RSVP if interested. There will be another email sent 2 days before to the same audience.

Sponsor admins and association admins alike can visit the event’s admin view to see a list of RSVP responses along with an attendance report after the event has ended.

Sponsored Webinar PromotionGive your sponsored events the exposure they deserve


Shared Documents for Simple Events

Tradewing now supports admins and event speakers seamlessly adding documents to the event page. All attendees can see these documents and easily download them. Attendees no longer need to scroll up through the chat to find important attachments that were shared!

Tradewing Simple Event Document SharingSimple events are now even more collaborative


We hope you're as excited about these new features as we are! You should see all new features enabled for your account by Friday, March 11th. As always, please reach out to your customer success manager or support@tradewing.com with questions or feedback.

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